ZOHOKO Parrot Skill Training Educational Interactive Toys, Building Blocks, Nibbling, Foraging for Conures Budgies Lovebird

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  • Material: bird toys is made of food grade color and nature wood,completed with purely handmade which are more bite resistand and durable.
  • Safe to chew : Our wooden blocks chew toys are made from 100% natual wood and dyed by edible pigments.It is totally handmade,therefore safe for the pets and will not harm them.
  • Large size: the size is 19.7" X 5.6 ", it can use for a long time. perfect size for Finch,Budgie,Parakeets,Cockatiels, Conures and Love Birds, provides your bird an ideal elevated place to chew and climb.
  • Strong hardware: the chain and cotton rope are strong enough to last long-time hanging without falling apart and very resistant for biting.
  • Bring fun to the birds : It is made of natural wood, which can easily attract parrots¡¯ attention in short time and they will play with these toys for long time daily,keep your parrots busy, less destructive and have more fun hours.