Yangbaga Cat Litter Box Privacy Screen, 3.1' High 5' Wide Foldable and Detachable, Great Decor and Easy to Storage

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About this item

  • PRIVACY MATTERS ----- Many cats don't like being watched doing their business, this screen provides enough room for cats to feel comfortable.
  • INVISIBLE TO HUMANS ----- You don't need to endure the mess and the odor when you don't want to. Also it could be a beautiful decor the the living room, bedroom or anywhere you want it to be.
  • STURDY HINGES ----- High quality metal hinges make it more durable and stable when standing on the floor.
  • ECOFRIENDLY & "CATPROOF" ----- Made of artificially weaved paper rope, sturdy and odor free. There will be no shreds all over the floor because cats won't be able to scratch the surface to shreds.
  • FOLDABLE & EASY TO STORAGE ----- It combines 5 boards and it's foldable and detachable. When you don't have enough space to fold it to the size you want, you can remove 1 board with a screwdriver and you can put it back anytime you want without losing its flexibility. It takes very little room to storage.