Wild Birds of Joy

Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeders with 4 Extra Strong Suction Cups, Large Outdoor Bird House for Cardinals Bluebird Chickadees etc.

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About this item

  • [Best See-Through Window Bird Feeder] Large viewing window, made from the high quality transparent acrylic, It will not distract other views on the window, when you relax and look out, the garden in the distance is still clearly visible.
  • [Strong Suction Cups] AIKS Window bird feeders with 4 ultra-strong suction cups to provide a strong and secure suction hold that stays in place even in extreme weather.
  • [Fits for Wild Backyard Birds] Classic aviary design, it can attract a lot of birds such as Bluebirds, Cardinal, Chickadees, Gold Finch, and other backyard birds, just prepare your camera and watch the beautiful wild birds outside the window!
  • [Removable Seed Trays] Removable tray makes it easy to quickly and easily clean and there are drainage holes on the tray, so you don’t have to worry about the bird seeds getting wet and moldy.
  • [Option to add fun] Window bird feeders are good to arouse children’s curiosity about birds. Take the opportunity to spend a good time with children, elderly parents and lazy pets.