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About this item

  • Each set has 9 mini fidget toys, you can play them as normal fidget toys when you put them together, they can be hexagon, pony, camel, excavator, robot, athlete etc, putting them into different shapes to make brand new games
  • Strategically gameplay of sensory fidget toys, 2 players take turns pressing one or more bubbles in a single row, players are not allowed to press adjacent bubbles within the row selected, the goal is to avoid being the player who presses the last bubble, encourages fine motor skills, sensory exploration, arithmetic, and logical thinking through play
  • Push pop bubble fidget sensory toys helps relieve stress, restore your mood, and creates a fun atmosphere, the sensory bubble toy is a perfect home essential whenever you feel bored and irritable at home, relieve stress and anxiety by simply playing with this toys
  • Fidget popper are made of non toxic and environmental friendly silicone materials, it does not contain harmful chemicals that can cause any health problems, it is totally safe for kids, elderly, and adults
  • The size of stress relief toy are lightweight and easy to carry, you can play in any place such as home, car, airplane, restaurant, camping, school, office etc, this is a good gift for holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthday