TecTake Electric Salad Spinner - Lettuce Vegetable Dryer, USB Rechargeable, Quick Drying BPA-Free Lettuce Fruit Spinner with Food Grade Material Bowl

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  • Lettuce Vegetable Dryer : Our effortless quick salad spinner is made from high quality BPA-Free, food grade, reinforced plastic material. The material is non-toxic, durable, safe and reliable for holding lettuce, vegetable and fruit. It's a good choice for your family.
  • Electric Salad Spinner : This lettuce spinner is in electric and USB Rechargeable design, you don’t need to manually press or pull it. Just turn on the power button to start, and it will automatically stop after 10 secods. There is also an USB charging port on the top cover, you can use it more than 100 times once charged fully. Thoughtful and nice design, to free your hands!
  • Multifunctional Salad Dryer : The filter mesh basket can be used to wash vegetables and fruits. Put on the top cover, and turn on the power butoon, it will be a salad spinner. You can dry your washed lettuce, cabbage, vegetable and others within seconds. Besides, you can use the clear bowl for mixing salad. One spinner, get more ways to use!
  • Easy Care : Our electric salad spinner is easy to clean. You just need to disassemble the turntable, then rinse the turntable, lid and bowl with water and they will be clean. When you rinse the lid, make sure the USB hole on the lid is closed.
  • Perfect Service : tectake is committed to providing effective salad spinner for every family and enjoying a high-quality and convenient life. If you have any problems with our products, please contact with our service team, and we will help you as soon as possible.