TashiLiving Customizable Vacuum Sealer Rolls, Food Saver 2 Roll Pack, 8x16.4 Rolls, 11x16.4 Rolls, Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls, BPA Free, Food Storage

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About this item

  • IDEAL FOR FRESHNESS: These vacuum sealed bags help to keep your food fresh for longer periods of time. Now you can enjoy fresh leftovers without the freezer burn.
  • IDEAL FOR MORE STORAGE: Ditch the Tupperware! Space saver bags are a perfect way to save room in your freezer or fridge. Now, you can store more of the food you love.
  • IDEAL FOR ORGANIZED MEAL PREP: These bags are perfect for individuals who are health conscious. Plan ahead by storing your breakfast, lunch or dinner. These precut vacuum sealed bags help you enjoy portion-controlled foods anytime you are ready.
  • IDEAL FOR THE “ON-THE-GO” TRAVELER: These bags are both compact and convenient storage options that allows you to add more in your suitcase.
  • SAFE TO USE FOR FOOD PRESERVATION: Uses PA+PE Multi-Ply, Multi-layer BPA-free food grade material. Provides double layers of thickness (7 mil) for ultra-durability. Embossed & transparent vacuum sealer bags/rolls equipped for hot temperature tolerance and are Freezable, Steamable, Microwavable, Boilable, and Sous Vide Meal ready.
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