SJNDY 2 Pcs Mouse Trap Bucket Lid Humane or Lethal, Auto Reset Multi Catch, Trap Door Style N Flip Slide Enter No See Kill, Balance Control Rat Trap Reusable Indoor Outdoor for 5 Gallon Bucket - Two Piece

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About this item

  • SIZE: Two pack Rat traps large bucket lid measures 12 × 12 in, ladder measures 19 in. Combining 5-gallon bucket can accommodate 15 small mice and 10 large rats.
  • STRONG MATERIAL: This solid and durable and reusable bucket rodent traps is made of Premium Quality pp material.
  • EASY TO USE: Apply some peanut butter on the magic mouse trap plank, mouse can walk on the ramp, then drop in the bucket. You can choose whether to put water in the bucket to decide whether the mouse survives or died.
  • SAFE: Our squirrel trap bcket will not do any harm to your pets and children, so don't worry about the clip being caught in your hands. It Is Easier To Clean Up, Safer And Healthier. And it does not need to be checked every day.
  • WIDELY USE: The snap traps for hunting ​are widely used indoor, outdoor, barn, garage, kitchen-living room, garden and other places can set.