Shark BBQ

Shark BBQ Tongs and Steel Wire Grill Brush with Scraper - Heavy Duty Barbecue Grilling Tong and Barbecue Cleaning Tool…

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  • 🔥 HEAVY DUTY Barbecue Tool, Strong & Sturdy, Extra Thick Metal, Rust Resistant
  • 🔥 DURABLE 304 STAINLESS STEEL Cooking Tongs with Wide Grip & Serrated Cutting Edges
  • 🔥 PATENT PENDING: Wide Tongs, PVC Handle, Perfect Charcoal and Smoker Utensils, Top Gifts for Dad
  • 🔥 PREMIUM STEEL WIRE cleaning brush with signature Shark BBQ grate scraper
  • 🔥 STAINLESS STEEL brush frame will never rust. Works on all grilling surfaces like cast iron & porcelain