SEPOVEDA Tender Sleep Therapy Pillow - Ergonomic, Neck Support, Cervical and Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows - DM47

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  • ERGONOMIC PILLOWS FOR SLEEPING: The foam support encourages proper head, neck and spine alignment whether sleeping on back or side to ensure comfort and give a restful sleep recommended by therapists.
  • PILLOWS FOR PAIN RELIEF SLEEPING: The cervical pillow properly cradles the head to prevent it from rolling unnecessarily to help relieve neck pain and improve rest. It also prevent forms of back, neck, shoulder, hip and joint pain.
  • SIDE AND BACK SLEEPERS: The 16 x 22 inch therapy pillow is suitable for different size, bodies, shapes, curves, and sleeping position to alleviate any pressure points and keep the upper body in alignment during sleep.
  • PRODUCT QUALITY: Designed to enhance the quality of life of the people that use the products and those that care for them. Made in USA to provide customers with more choices and faster delivery times.
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS: Quality is the hallmark of all Lumex products. Trusted by healthcare professionals and end-users for over 50 years, Lumex features a full line of patient aids and specialty healthcare seating.