SACVON Toaster 4 slice, Toaster 2 long slot, Stainless Steel Toaster,bagel,Deforst,Cancel,Reheat function,DigitalTimer,Removable tray,6 Shade setting,beige

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About this item

  • LONG SLOT STAINLESS STEEL TOASTER: In order to protect everyone's health, SACVON's Long Slot toaster 4 slice is made of food grade stainless steel, safe and non-toxic, BPA free. Long Slot toaster, you can bake 4 slices of toast at a time, or Longer 2 slices of bread, such as sandwich bread, handmade bread, rectangular toast. A larger and longer toaster can bake more toast quickly. Save a lot of time.
  • GET FASTER AND MORE TOAST: You need a long toaster. If you have more family members, or you often have friends gatherings, or you eat more, then it is very suitable for you. It can bake 4 pieces of toast at once, which is enough for you to eat. And it doesn't take up space in the kitchen.
  • DIGITAL TIMER: SACVON's 4 slice long slot toaster has a large LED timer display, which can accurately and clearly display the remaining toast time. Save your time, you can do other things, if the toast is finished, the toaster will pop out the lever to pop up the toast.In addition, the bread machine has a removable tray to collect crumbs, which can be easily disassembled and cleaned.
  • 4 UNIQUE TOASTER FUNCTIONS: SACVON's Beige toaster 4 Slice has Bagel, Defrost, Reheat and Cancel functions. The Bagel button can bake the bagel effect, and the Defrost button can defrost the frozen bread in the refrigerator. If your bread has not been eaten and has become cold, you can turn the knob to Reheat, it will automatically heat for 30s, and you can eat the hot bread again. The Cancel button is one key to cancel the toasting. This will be a perfect toast.
  • 6 LEVELS OF TOAST: 6 different toast settings for you to choose, the lower setting is lighter toast or the higher setting is darker, which can satisfy everyone's taste. Reheat function only needs 30s, 1-6 gears need 90s to 220s. According to your taste, bake the toast you like.