RIZZARI Automatic Pet Food Feeder and Cat Dog Water Dispenser Set,2 Pack Gravity Food Bowl Large Capacity Cat Drinking Container for Small Medium Large Pets Dog Puppies and Kittens

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About this item

  • Fountain Design: Cats and dogs prefer to drink the flowing fountain water, the filtration system of this water feeder can filter out impurities in the water to keep the water clean, so that pets drink healthier water and avoid irreparable diseases caused by water quality problems of pets.
  • 2.5L Large Capacity: Powerful water storage function, about the same as five bottles of mineral water, can supply cats with water for two weeks, you do not need to add water frequently, 24 hours a day supply, even if you go out of town cats will not encounter water shortage problems.
  • Effluent Mode: In order to fit your cat's drinking habit, there are two effluent modes, you can freely choose whether to put our fountain ornaments on the top of the water dispenser, one way the water will flow smoothly on the stainless steel top plate, the other will flow evenly downward through the small fountain branch type.
  • Keep Silent: With the low pressure silent water pump, your pet will not be scared away by the noise occurring in the machine while drinking, and you can enjoy a pleasant and cozy environment in your sleep without being disturbed by the sound.
  • LED Light: Even if at night when all the lights are off, your pet can drink water smoothly with the obvious light from the feeder.