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RHF Jewelry Organizer, Wall Mounted Wood Hanging Jewelry Holder, Necklace Holder, Bracelets Rings Earrings Hook Racks Bar with 26 Hooks, 12 Inch, Brown

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  • Measurement: W12.2 X H3.5 X0.6 inches. Every organizer reveals unique wood grain, and knots to make a one of a kind piece.
  • Hand crafted: organizer set is the perfect way to showcase the true beauty of all our jewelry. As well as decorating your home with a great art piece. With hooks for necklaces along with a bar under the shelf great for bracelets, earrings and headbands.
  • HANDMADE& ECO-FRIENDLY-We design and produce all our products, uses high quality and environmentally friendly materials to keep things natural and powerful.
  • Easy Installation:Each jewelry organizer come ready to hang easily on your wall.
  • Best Showcase: Display your best pieces any way you want.