Rarapop 2PCS Kitchen Food Storage Containers with 6 removable compartments, Plastic Food storage boxes with Lids, Fridge, Freezer, Pantry, Cabinet and Refrigerator Organizer.

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  • ✔️Ensure food's Long Life: Each distinctive box with 3 partitions prevents wastage of food, hence make food life long and keep them fresh👌
  • ✔️Space Saver: Each large plastic food container with Lid is stackable, can be used for storing stuff in a compact way thus reducing mess and generating more space.👌
  • ✔️Organizer: The freezer storage container organizes fridge, kitchen, toys and other house stuff. Its organization is combined with visibility of items stored inside that makes work convenient👌
  • ✔️Material: Kitchen container & Storage box for refrigerator is made of Clear food grade and BPA free plastic material. Its dust proof and easily portable. Moreover its easy to clean and wash👌
  • ✔️Sun Glaring Out of Blue Skies: It makes sun glare out of the blue sky for house queens by accelerating work👌
  • ✔️ Easy to Use: Fridge Organizer has unique Sliding design, easy to glide in and out the foods 👌😊