PUR CRF-950Z Pitcher Water Filter Repacement for Pur CRF950Z, PPT700W, CR-1100C, DS-1800Z, CR-6000C, PPT711W, PPT711, PPT710W

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  • Why ICEPURE- Pursuing excellent quality. The filter is made from NSF certified food grade and Lead-free materials. No any harmful substances contained. This filter bears major Authoritative Certifications on markets, such as European Food Grade Regulation EC-1935/2016, ROHS, REACH, BPA-Free,TUV, and Australian Water Mark.
  • Why ICEPURE- Lead-free material reduces 99% Lead & Mercury and 70+ Contaminants including heavy metals, lead, taste and odor, sediment, rust and so on. Offers pure water for multiple uses, giving enhanced protection to your family.
  • Advanced Technology- Advanced technology to ensure sufficient water flow and reduce waiting time. Replacing your filter every 2 months or 40 gallons. Whichever comes first will vary based on water quality.
  • Compatible Models- PUR pitchers and dispensers: PPT700W, CR-1100C, DS-1800Z, CR-6000C, PPT711W, PPT711, PPT710W, PPT111W, PPT111R, DS1811Z, CR1100CV3 and more. PUR CRF-950Z water filter. This is a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only. ICEPURE is an independent brand.