PUR Certified Alkaline Water Filter Replacement 3-Pack, Enhanced 2020 Model, Fits Brita and Wamery Pitcher, Increases Water pH

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  • πŸ’§ BOOST YOUR INMUNE SYSTEM: an acidic body is related to a weak immune system, An alkaline body is a strong and healthy body, one that can easily ward off illness and prevent disease. Now more than ever it is recommended to keep your body alkaline and support it with an alkaline diet (see picture 5).
  • πŸ’§ INSTANT ALKALINE WATER: This water filter cartridge transforms your hard tap water into clean water to energize and revitalize your body, improving its taste and increasing the pH between 8.5 and 9. It also provides low negative ORP(-200-100mv). An alkaline water filtration system designed to improve people's lifestyle.
  • πŸ’§ CONVENIENCE: This alkaline filter is tested to last for 42 Gallons, equivalent to 1 month of use if you fill the water pitcher 3 times a day or 2 months if filled twice a day. Save money and forget about your water bottle or bottled water at all.
  • πŸ’§ VITALITY: A balanced pH diet optimizes your Digestive, Circulatory, Immune, Respiratory, Nervous, Excretory, Muscular and Reproductive systems. In other words, by drinking alkaline water, you are helping your body prevent many diseases.
  • πŸ’§ TECHNOLOGY & COMMITMENT: Our lab developed the ultimate water filter to get the most out of your tap water. Help save money and avoid the consumption of 930 plastic bottles per filter set. Additionally, with your order you are helping NGOs to preserve natural resources for future generations. We are 100% money back guarantee, try us now!