OT QOMOTOP Handheld Pool Vacuum Rechargeable, IPX8 Waterproof, 6000 mAH for 60 mins Work Time, Adjustable Pool Cleaner with Extendable Pole, Ideal for Hot Tub, Spa, In-Ground Pool, Above Ground Pool

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  • STRONG SUCTION 35-38L/MIN- The handheld pool vacuum has big vacuum head with two big side brushes head, its' design makes it easy to clean the corners of the pool, Ideal for you Clean-up Leaves, Dirt and Sand & Silt, also use it without vacuum head to remove the large debris( not larger than the suction hole ) from the pool bottom.
  • THREE WAYS OPERATING- The pool cleaner has three ways to meet the needs of each user in the swimming pool, include handheld handle,adaptor attaches 69" telescopic aluminum pole(all provided),Provided adaptor fit for any standard longer pool Pole(not included).
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF PROTECTION- The cordless pool vacuum is a water driven cleaner and will not work unless it is completely submerged in water. The indicator light also must be submerged. Pool cleaner will take a little time to let water fulfilled and then the indicator light turn blue and cleaner starts to work.
  • SCOPE OF APPLICATION- OT QOMOTOP handheld battery-powered vacuum cleaner is portable, does not get entangled due to cord and hose. Ideal for cleaning above ground pools,small in-ground, hot tub,spas, kids pool, inflatable garden pool, fountains, waterfall, ponds, for spot cleaning large pools.Perfect for quick and easy cleaning leaves, dirt and sand & silt.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED- Vacuum Head Two Big Side Brushes Head, Cleaner Cover, Filter Cartridge, Cleaner Main Body, Telescopic Aluminum Pole, Handheld Handle, Charger, Pole Adaptor.