OLIKER Solar Bird Feeder for Outside Hanging Outdoor,Mosaic Decor,Solar Powered Garden Lantern Lights Bird-House Wild Hanging Bird Feeder Waterproof Unique Retro Bird Feeder for Outdoors

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About this item

  • 【Compassionate Design】Comes fully assembled and ready to hang. With its round shape, the birdhouse features a sloping roof to shade birds from the sun and rain. Mosaic pattern design, very beautiful. The round tray style can carry 360-Degree Feeding.
  • 【Easy to fill and clean】Solar energy absorbs light and charges during the day and lights up automatically at night. Wide opening for easy filling and cleaning. Check the birdhouse once a week to see if there are bugs and molds, and wash it regularly with mild soap and water.
  • 【Attract Other Birds】Our birdhouses could be filled with a variety of seeds to attract birds. Witness the great outdoors from the comfort of your home with the eco-powerful suction cup window feeder! You can enjoy collecting birds and seeing a wide variety of feed.
  • 【Garden Decoration】Vivid colors and styles of glass bottles make it really suitable for decorating your garden. It fades in rather than the lighter colors. The different sunlight beautifully under different light conditions design allows you to attract large and small birds to your garden long all seasons.
  • 【Perfect Gifts】Not only that, it's a great backyard birdwatching gift, a bird lover gift. These mount similar windows feeders, kids and adults to view feeding birds and listen to their songs.We always provide the best customer service to you.