OAMCEG 6 Pack Wide Mouth Mason Jars, 17oz Airtight Glass Preserving Jars with Leak Proof Rubber Gasket and Clip Top Lids, Perfect for Storing Coffee, Sugar, Flour or Sweets - 8 Labels & 1 Chalk Marker

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  • Glass Preserving Jar Set: This set of 6 wire top glass jars have a specially designed clamp top lid which includes a rubber gasket to ensure a leak proof and airtight seal unlike most glass mason jars.
  • Health and Durability: Glass is a healthier choice over plastic storage. glass does not discolor, retain smells, or leach chemicals into food.These mason jars are made from the highest quality of thick, BPA-free glass providing superior resistance to breakage.
  • Unique Style: The jar has a stylish design that is for every home and business. Use the container to serve coffee, tea, cocktails or create art, place fairy lights in it and turn it into a light fixture, or store and showcase any ingredient for a unique decoration.
  • Complete Set: Each set of 6 hinged glass jars includes 8 chalkboard labels and a chalk marker. Get each of your jars labeled with its contents so you’ll never have to play the guessing game.
  • New Packaging: Cover the bottle completely with the pearl cotton. Protect the bottles in good condition.