None/Brand Seven Master Cat Litter Mat, Collapsible Large Cat Litter Trapper, Honeycomb Double Layer Design, Waterproof and Urine Proof Material

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  • 【Color & Size】Color: Dark Gray | Size: 29.5"(L) × 21.6"(W) | Thickness: 10mm
  • 【Function】The litter mat is used to stick the cat litter that the cat takes out of the litter pan to avoid scattering the litter. You don't have to worry about litter made by your cute kittens anymore. The litter mat can help you solve this problem and keep clean around the litter pan easily
  • 【Premium Material】Seven Master cat litter mat is made from premium EVA environmental protection material, which is non-toxic, zero-formaldehyde that is safe for your cat. A soft touch will make your cat like to step on it and even used to tickle and scratch
  • 【Multifaceted Consideration】Honeycomb double layer design can effectively hold the cat litter than square design, bottom layer is waterproof and non-slip which prevents the urine leakage and the mat from moving easily. Folding design offer one more size options to you
  • 【Easy to Clean】The folding design can be used pour out the litter from the mat center or to clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Also you are allowed to clean it with water due to it's waterproof to achieve a better cleaning result. You do not have to sweep the floor or vacuum the litter everyday