Natural Seagrass Belly Basket with Handles Seagrass Planter for Fig Indoor Plants

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  • !!! Please note that Qliwa has already solved the problem of basket color. From now on, Qliwa's Natural basket will not be greenish. If purchased by other sellers, Qliwa does not guarantee the quality of their products.
  • Natural materials, artificial weaving, the details will inevitably imperfect, there may be color differences, glitches, or seagrass splicing, hope you can tolerate its little flaws.
  • The basket is not fixed by iron wire and may be deformed when it is squeezed. If the bottom is not flat, please flatten it out again.
  • Plants cannot be directly planted in baskets, they need to be planted in pots, put the tray under the pot then put it in the basket. The basket size chosen must be larger than the pot.
  • The surface of the basket has been painted with a layer of environmentally friendly paint. Water may damage the basket's paint, please do not put it in a damp place.