Modvera Element Drinkware Stemmed Wine Glass 13 Ounce | Crystal Clear Classic Design Perfect for Cabernet Red Wines & White Wines at Your Next Elegant Dinner Party or Event - 4 Packs

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About this item

  • 🍷DESIGNED FOR SOMMELIERS: With these amazing wine glasses, you can enhance your drinking and wine tasting experience. They have a laser-cut and ultra-thin rim that will improve wine tasting. Their unique design will also let your wine breathe and intensify the flavor so that each sip is a life-changing experience.
  • 🍷UNIQUE ELEGANCE: The Star Glass wine cups have a crystal-grade clarity so they can be perfectly clear and absolutely elegant. They will make the perfect addition to your luxurious dinner table and they are essential for every wine tasting event.
  • 🍷HAND BLOWN BY OUR EXPERT ARTISANS: Our beautifully designed wine glasses are hand crafted by our expert artisans. Drink confidently and happily knowing how much care and concern they pour into evry glass. The lengthy process is essential in producing the results and quality you deserve.
  • 🍷PERFECTLY SIZED STEM FOR COMFORTABLE HOLD: Swish and swirl your wine with ease. Maintain that perfect temperature. Our elegant and sparkling wine glasses are also super comfortable to hold. Our long stem is also super balanced, and strong. We are able to bring you a skinny stem, with the strength to last for years to come. Quality is our priority and you shouldn't expect anything less. The comfort of the glass as impossbile to understand until it's in your hands.
  • 🍷BEAUTIFULLY SOUNDING, ULTRA CLEAR CRYSTAL WINE GLASSES: The perfect wine glass should function, look, feel, and sound amazing. We've spent plenty of time ensuring that all these qualities are present in our wine glasses. Our beautiful and elegant wine glasses are sure to elevate any get-together from the way they look to the way they function. Our wine glasses are designed and crafted with functionality as a priority.