Modesign Homes Luxury Line Ironing Board Cover with Extra Thick Padding (Fits Standard Boards of Medium of 112 x 34 cm) Blocks - Replacement for Home & Hotel

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  • Perfect fit: choose the next size of the ironing board cover for your table from 3 sizes that are always in stock. Tensioning is done with a very strong elastic bungee cord that wraps the cover around the ironing board. The elastic band can be further tensioned with an attached clip. This allows for a perfect fit of your board with a wrinkle-free ironing surface for effortless ironing.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Our 'Luxury Line' covers are made from a high-performance cotton fabric attached to an extra thick 5 mm fibre cushion to ensure exceptional durability and an unbeatable ironing experience. The fabrics are resistant to high ironing temperatures, and the thick fibre cushion reflects heat while allowing steam to pass through, allowing the ironing process quickly and efficiently.
  • FAST COLORS: Vibrant colours used for dyeing and printing are tested for authenticity to ensure they do not bleed onto your garment. This means that the cover can also be washed in cold water if it gets dirty.
  • OFFER - This listing is for ironing board cover only with included cushion. You can replace your worn out cover with this cover and immediately find a big difference in your ironing experience. We suggest you change any covers over 2 years old.
  • For the following width: Brabantia size B, Minky Ergo, Minky Expert, Minky Hot Spot Pro, Vileda Viva Express