MiUONG Mosquito Trap Indoor Insect Trap Gnat Killer Flying Bugs: Fruit Fly, Bug, Insect, Mosquito Killer with Sticky Glue Boards for Home Kitchen No Zapper (Blue)

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  • [NEW UPGRADED] : The newest powerful mosquito trap with 365-395NM wavelength light, the fan makes strong airflow suction to trap the insects ,fruit flies, gnats, or mosquitoes and make them impossible to escape.
  • [SAFE TO USE]: The mosquito trap uses usb powered, attracts the bugs, mosquitoes, insects ,fruit flies, gnats physically .it built-in suction fan and no zapper.
  • [INDOOR USED] : Place this trap closest to the trash can or fruit bowl where you see most insects ,fruit flies, gnats, or mosquitoes and recommend use in the dark.
  • [MODERN DESIGN]: Distinctive design embellishes your home and office with powerful insect trapping ability
  • [ENERGY SAVING]: 5 W low power consumption mosquito trap is great for saving energy and money. EPA Est No. 97180-CHN-1