MIKSUS 8" Premium Steel Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer Wall Decorative (Upgraded Accuracy and Design)

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  • WE ARE THE ORIGINAL OWNERS OF THE BRAND. WE ONLY SHIP FROM THE USA WAREHOUSE AND DO NOT SHIP FROM OTHER COUNTRIES SUCH CHINA OR TAIWAN. MORE THAN 17 YEARS IN THE THERMOMETERS PRODUCTION. DIRECTLY FROM THE FACTORY. UPGRADED DESIGN OF MIKSUS 8” THERMOMETER HYGROMETER HIGH VISIBILITY AND EASY TO READ - White dial face with bright, high visibility temperature scale. Black bold numbers and stylish red pointer make it perfect and easy to read the temperature value from long distance.
  • 8 INCH DIAMETER STEEL CONSTRUCTION OUTDOOR / INDOOR THERMOMETER HYGROMETER - The Large Analog Thermometer has Steel Enclosure structure, high strength, safe lens and good corrosion resistance. Please don't put it in place with strong sunlight and intensive water vapor, which will affect the accuracy
  • DOUBLE SCALE: FAHRENHEIT AND CELSIUS. The double scale has modern and stylish design. It’s easy to read the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Accurate is between -40 and 120F / -40 and 50C° to accommodate all general temperature and humidity changes.
  • ADJUSTABLE, ACCURATE AND AUTOMATIC/MANUAL CALIBRATION The 8” wall thermometer hygrometer will calibrate automatically. The outdoor thermometer shows accurate temperature in any climatic conditions, at any temperature, air humidity and atmospheric pressure. For manual calibration, you could turn the knob behind the thermometer to the left to increase the temperature and turn to right to lower the temperature.
  • WIDE APPLICATION. STYLISH AND USEFUL GIFT. The thermometer can be used anywhere: at home, patio, garden, kitchen, room, pool, office buildings, hotels, school, shops, warehouse, etc. Especially like a stylish and useful gift. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.