MarcZero THE SUSHI COOKBOOK: A Variety of Sushi Recipes

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If you want to know the world of Sushi or if you are an expert who wishes to discover new recipes, this is the book you are looking for.

This book will teach you step-by-step all the secrets of Sushi preparation. Even if you have never made Sushi before, you can try the appetizing recipes provided in this book.

Inside this book you will discover an amazing collection of Sushi recipes selected by M° Haruto Nakamura, which will give you cue and inspiration to dazzle your diners.

Preserving love and respect for Japanese culture, Master Nakamura, in addition to the traditional sushi recipes, unveils its vegetarian and modern variants and a preview of Sushi Dessert.

  • Detailed and easy guide with 35 recipes out of which 14 are traditional Japanese recipes, 6 are vegetarians, 9 Sushi Dessert and 6 modern Sushi variations.
  • You will find all the techniques and the secrets, starting with how to make the rice to the most engaging dishes.
  • You will discover the different types of sushi, the tools to make them and how to realize them to best effect.
  • All recipes are exposed with wonderful colored pictures. 
  • Have fun making your own Sushi with Master Nakamura’s fantastic recipes.

If you love Sushi or if you want to discover it, this is the right book.

P.S.: It is also a great gift idea for the family member or friend who loves cooking.

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