Libbey Iduna Wineglasses - 6 Pcs - Dishwasher Safe - Classic Design – Red Wine - White Wine - Sparkling Wine (Red Wine (59cl))

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About this item

  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: The package contains 6 identical wine glasses, each with a capacity of 59 cl (20 oz). The design of the Libbey glassware is stylish and timeless. Due to the high and sharper curvature in the glass together with the thin base, the glass gets an elegant look. The wine glass is a high quality blown glass.
  • Use: This libey glass is used to serve red wine. Are you ready? Then the glasses can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Dimensions and weight: all 6 wine glasses from this Libbey set have a height of 250 mm. The outer diameter is 95 mm.
  • Collection: these wine glasses from Libbey are part of the Iduna collection. In addition to this wine glass, this collection consists of 2 wine glasses (34 cl and 47 cl) and a champagne glass (30 cl).
  • Features: The wine glasses are made in Europe, taking into account the environment. Furthermore, the glasses are dishwasher safe and suitable for different drinks.