Lewondr 7L Automatic Cat Feeder With APP Control, 2.4G WiFi Enabled Dog Auto Dry Food Dispenser With Locking buckle Lid,up to 10 Meals and 12 Portion Control Daily, 10S Voice Recorde for Dogs and Cats

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  • Regular and quantitative meals: The automatic feeder can set up to 10 meals a day, and each meal can be assigned 1-12 servings. The non-clogging design provides smooth grain output. Using the Lewondr pet automatic feeder can help your cat or dog maintain a good feeding timetable, let your pet not miss every meal.
  • Large food tank with 7L capacity : It is recommended to put in dry grains with a diameter of 3-12mm (wet grains are not recommended), and the lid has a locking button to prevent pets from accidentally knocking over the feeder and causing food to spill. It includes a desiccant bag to keep food dry and fresh. The visual design of the grain storage bucket can facilitate you to monitor and control the food volume.
  • 10 seconds customized voice recording: press and hold the recording button of the automatic feeder, you can record a voice message for 10 seconds to call your pets to enjoy their meal time (for example, hey baby, come eat soon), let your pet excited about meal time!
  • Dual power supply : the automatic cat feeder is mainly powered by 5V / 0.5A DC power, and 3 alkaline D batteries(not included in package) are used as a backup power source. The dual power supply mode enables the automatic food feeder to work normally when the DC power supply is disconnected (3m / 9.8 feet USB cable is included).
  • Easy to use & maintain : APP remote control, connect your smart phone to automatic pet feeder to a 2.4GHz WiFi. The customizable feeder allows several users to use the same account of the pet feeder at the same time, to serve your pet anytime and anywhere, and provide your pet with an interesting and intelligent life! Operation Tips-Download the iOS / Android application according to the QR code in the manual. Cell phone system should be iOS 7.0 and above or Android smartphone 5.0 and above.