Lavande Sur Terre

Lavande Sur Terre 12 Small Dried Lavender Sachets,Organic Ultra Blue Lavender Buds for Home Fragrance,Perfect Sachets for Closets Drawers and Dressers and Wedding Toss

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  • 12 Small bags Filled with 100% natural dried Super Grade lavender buds, 100% green products
  • 2.Naturally dried lavender flower smells great to us,it is real natural air freshener, and it is the perfect way to naturally freshen your surroundings. Add this beautiful smell to your home with these easy to use sachets.
  • 3.Lavender is a great relaxant as well. It has been used for insomnia, anxiety, depression and to lift your mood. Also, best uses for closets, drawers, gym bags, cars, linen closets, suitcase, pillows, and storage bins.
  • 4.To release a strong aromatic fragrance of lavender, try to shake the bag a little, squeeze the sachets, or even crush the petals/grind the flower buds. A strong delightful lavender fragrance will be released. And do this once in a while until the color fades and fragrance fully released.
  • 5.Lavender scented sachets in your closet or drawer,keep your closet fragrant.Homemade fragrant lavender pillow, purify mind, relieve anxiety, relieve stress, relax, help sleep.Dried lavender inside the bathtub or in a small bag placed interior lavender bath, soak it can ease the pressure, promote blood circulation, both to promote sleep and clean the skin.