Brand: KnR Harmony

KnR Harmony Aquascaping Tools 7 in 1 Kit Aquarium Plant Scissors Tools Set Curved & Waved Scissor Tweezers Spatula Stainless Steel Anti Rust Tools for Aquascape Black

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  • Aquascaping tools, 7 in 1, a waved scissor, a curved & a straight scissor, a substrate spatula, a curved & a straight tweezer and a storage case.
  • Different from other aquarium tools kit in market, 1pc waved scissor is offered for trimming aquatic plants down low to the substrate.
  • Made from waterproof stainless-steel material, with a nice matte black finish that don't dulls the blades, won't fade, anti-rust, so does not pollute the living environment of aquatic animals, and has a black protective cover, easy to store.
  • These aquarium scissors are sharp enough for aquatic pruning, rearranging, maintaining, cleaning, trimming, grooming or planting in an aquarium with accuracy.
  • The straight and curved tweezer with serrated tips help grip stuff securely, minimum water disturbance, also it is suitable for feeding live food of aquatic animals or corals.