Knoweasy Ferrule Crimping Tool Kit, 0.25-10mm² Self-Adjustable Ratchet Wire Crimping Tools with 1200 Wire Terminal Crimp Connector Insulated and Uninsulated Wire End Ferrules

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About this item

  • ✅【Complete Crimp Tool Kit :】Every order comes with a crimping tool and 1200 insulated wiring terminals to support small DIY projects and large electrical repairs.
  • ✅【Crimping tool peculiarity:】Durable and compact structure,for insulated and non-insulated connectors,the crimping area is 0.25-10 mm².
  • ✅【Ratcheting Design:】Self-adjustable ratchet:according to the requirements of the terminals,this wire crimping tool automatically adjusts itself to the appropriate diameter for crimping,easy to operate and helps to shorten working hours for electricians,up-fitter and builders.
  • ✅【Professional Craftsmanship:】This wire crimping tool helps to shorten working hours for electricians, upfitter and builders.
  • ✅【After Sales Warranty:】Your customer satisfaction and 12 months warranty of wire crimper tool can be guaranteed.
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