Jxrhy 3-Pack Tomato Cage, Plant Stakes and Clip Support, Up to 72" Tall, with 40 Clips + Garden Swivel Ties

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  • Features: CKE Upgraded Version Sturdy Tomato Cage: Plant stakes can steadily support your indoor and outdoor tomatoes. These plant cages are used in many growing seasons, which are designed to support vegetable or tomato support for vertical climbing plants, better through plant circulation and natural ripening of fruit to provide support.
  • Material: Each hair has a durable steel core inside. These columns are covered with a heavy plastic coating. This means long-lasting performance for multiple seasons. Powerful and sturdy, with clips and swivel tie ensures that your plant's fruit and leaves don't weigh down the stems.
  • EASY TO SET UP - You don't need a helping hand, or additional gardening tools or accessories to set up your tomato plant, or any other plants you want to grow; Mounting the posts with their pressure clips is simple, time-saving and effortless. Easy to disassemble and easy to store after disassembly.
  • Upgraded Special Design: Adjustability is the key to helping your vine plants grow healthily. Thanks to the snap clips, you can reposition his cage to match his needs and ensure continued support. This cage allows for consistent healthy growth with the placement and movement of the adjustable snap arms as they easily attach to the stakes. Reaches up to 72 inches tall.
  • What you get: 3-pack of tomato cages (36 steel core stakes + 39 adjustable snap arms + 33 connecting tubes), 20 small clips, 20 large clips, 164ft swivel tie with cutter, 1 installation instruction