iDesign Kitchen Binz BPA-Free Plastic Stackable Organizer Box with Lid - 6.75in x 5.75in x 3.75in , Clear

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  • With this storage container comes order and organisation in the kitchen cabinets; it can store for utensils, kitchen accessories and food storage
  • Due to the stackable design of this storage box, the space in the cabinets, on the worktop, in the fridge or wherever the box is used will be used optimally
  • These helpful fridge containers feature a practical hinged lid; so, food in the refrigerator can be separated, well sealed and stay fresh for longer
  • With dimensions of 171 x 140 x 95 cm, this kitchen organiser box offers plenty of space for a wide variety of kitchen items like utensils or food
  • The fridge storage container consists of easy-to-clean and BPA-free plastic, which is safe for use with food items; the storage box is cleaned with mild soap