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Iconic Pet 64 oz/ 8 Cup Anti Ant Stainless Steel Non Skid Pet Food/Water Bowl - Noise Free Ant Resistant Dog/Cat Feeding Bowl with Unique Design & Rubber Base Makes It an Elegant Ant Proof Dish

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About this item

  • Iconic Pet Ant Free Stainless Steel Pet Bowl with Anti-Skid rubber base is made of high quality stainless steel for durability and is ideal for dogs and cats.
  • Anti-skid rubber base and the unique ant resistant dog food / water bowl design does not allow ants to crawl into the bowl and keeps the food hygienic and your pet healthy.
  • Stainless steel ant proof pet bowl with stable rubber base makes it noise free and, the bowl is dishwasher safe.
  • Anti ant dog / cat dish is premium grade stainless steel and features a non-skid bottom to ensure stability.
  • Anti ant pet food and water bowls are available in 8 oz / 1 Cup, 16 oz / 2 Cup, 24 oz / 3 Cup, 32 oz / 4 Cup and 64 oz / 8 Cup Capacity