Alan Wolton

I Love You, I Love You Not

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"No plant or bloom has been more glorified from a visual standpoint than the lotus or water lily. It was represented in early Egyptian sculpture, architecture, and art. It has almost a spiritual connotation in that it has its roots deep in the mud and yet it rises and presents itself upon the water's surface with its luscious large pads and fragrant blooms. However, common water lilies are an insignificant little plant. It is what the mind of man has made of them that is so impressive, as Claude Monet's great murals attest. They are an adoration of nature. Reflections, dark and somber, of trees in shade, of bright blue sky and clouds- these are the setting for water lilies. As an artist, I would claim that painting so-called water lilies is the most playful and fun project available. There are no mistakes. Every shape and thickness of individual blooms, even on the same plant, will vary.