HQST Solar Panel Extension Cable 10 Feet 10AWG with Female and Male Connector Solar Panel Adaptor Kit Tool (10FT Red + 10FT Black)

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  • [Cable composition] Contains 2 pairs of solar connectors. A pair (1 black + 1 red) 10FT 10AWG solar extension cord made of pure copper and tin coating.
  • [Female/Male connectors] Two cables, one end of which is connected to the Solar panel, and the other end can be connected to an Adaptor Kit Solar Cable. You can also remove the connector from one end and connect the cable directly to the charging controller.
  • [Weatherproof]IP 67 Waterproof solar pv cable designed to withstand extreme heat and cold (-40℃ to 90℃).
  • [Stable lock and open design]- Stable self-lock system is easy to lock and open.
  • [Durable] The cable has the characteristics of flame retardant, self-extinguishing, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.