HEROPIE Egg Cracker Topper Set for Soft Hard Boiled Eggs Shell Removal Includes 1 Egg Cutter 4 Ceramic Egg Cups and 4 Spoons

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About this item

  • EGG TOPPER CRACKER SET : egg topper set has everything you need to make enjoying a perfect soft-boiled egg breakfast simple and easy. You get the precision soft-boiled eggshell opener and sleek stainless steel egg cups and spoons.
  • EGGSHELL CUTTER: eggshell separator is equipped with a finely calibrated vibration-activated shell remover. It's easy to operate: gently pull up on the plastic ball grip and release for a cleanly scored eggshell every time.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE CUPS AND SPOONS: These elegant stainless steel cups are perfect for dips, sauces and desserts. The spoons are a perfect complement.
  • PERFECT SOFT-BOILE DEGG : Use with the set Includes Egg Topper, 4 Egg Spoons and 4 Porcelain Egg cups, chives, and serve with a side of toast points. Open your creativity with this magical kitchen tool to give a delicious surprise to your family!
  • The Perfect Gift: Great for Christmas, Mother's Day, a housewarming present or any holiday gift for family and friends, this nifty 9 piece egg topper gadget set makes a great addition to any kitchen! Perfect for using at home kitchen or catering industry.