Greness Garden Hose Flexible Expandable Retractable - GreenFriendlyHome - Kinkless Durable Water Hose, Strongest Hose Fabric, Multi Latex Core, 3/4" Solid Brass Fittings, Sprayer Nozzle (Black Green 50 FT)

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  • 50 FT GARDEN HOSE Our Green Friendly Home hoses are the strongest expandable garden hoses you can find today. A reliable lightweight water hose makes you feel relaxed from gardening to washing your car or patio or giving your pet a good hose down, to folding and storing it. No need for a hose stand, hose holder or reel our hose bag or a box will do And, some users are young, others are 90 years old All our hoses are joinable with any of our 25ft 50ft 75ft 100ft Black Green garden hoses.
  • GREENFRIENDLYHOME WATER HOSE | STRONGEST FLEXI HOSE Expandable Best Garden Water Hose You know it is difficult to use a heavy or kinky water hose. Our flexible water hoses expand up to three times after some use with the hose stretching and you can comfortably use them with water pressure of over 4 bar. Our technologically advanced and proven multi layer inner hose is thicker and tougher, and the outer 3750D high density hose fabric is environmentally greener.
  • EXPANDING FLEXIBLE HOSE HEAVY DUTY This flex hose is easy to use due to the expanding and retracting inner rubber flexi hose pipe. The durable hose latex hose pipe is made of highest grade rubber hose tube material and covered with a textile fabric no kink forms when in use or stored. This compact and retractable collapsible hose has well made strong brass fittings for rust free performance. Easy to join the female connnector to a faucet and the male connector to the hose nozzle sprayer.
  • BEST GIFT GARDEN HOSE GARDENING + HEALTH GUIDES Looking for a Lovely or Best Gift So many of our customers come back to get more for family and friends. Looking to improve your gardening and health We have just the guides that you need. If you have registered with us, we will send you periodic easy to read material to guide you to make the most of your garden hoses, expand your home garden activities and help you enjoy your healthy living, and strengthen your immunity.
  • EXTENDED WARRANTY We offer you our generous free 90 day extended warranty and a limited 12 month warranty if you register with us. Our family cannot promise none of our hoses will ever leak or pop but we promise we will respond with our 5 Star Service to any issues with our best in class garden hoses. Remember to furnish us with your address details when you raise any issues and we will be in touch in no time at all You need to make a claim through Amazon messaging or on our website.. STRONGEST GARDEN HOSE NOZZLES BLACK CONE JET SPRAY NOZZLES Get the GREEN FRIENDLY HOME strongest spray nozzles by searching B08JVB12N9 or "strongest spray nozzle ".. GARDEN HOSE WITH BLACK CONE JET SPRAY NOZZLES If you need a 25 50 75 or 100 FT garden hose, with strong + easy to use Black Cone Jet Spray Nozzle a nozzle which gives a Cone Mist Spray (by using half the water volume), a strong Cone Spray or a focused Jet Spray, choose from our range of 25 50 75 and 100 feet hoses by searching " B092PZJDB9 ".. GREENFRIENDLYHOME STRONGEST GARDEN HOSES WITHOUT NOZZLES Get our 25FT, 50FT, 75FT and 100FT Hoses without nozzles by searching " B08B1FFP89 " or " strongest garden hose ".