FUNTECK Pressure Washer Extension Wand System,75"" Replacement Lance, 1/4"" Quick Connect & M22 Connections, 4000 PSI, Including Angled Rod and Coupler Adapter

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About this item

  • The extension wand system fits most gas pressure washers up to 4000 PSI with screw-on M22 trigged-handle couplers or 1/4" quick connect connections(a quick-connect coupler included).
  • The extension rod set can simply extend your reach up to 75 in. to get to those out-of-reach areas such as second floor, window, sidling, shutters, gutters and more.
  • Constructed of stainless steel with brass fittings, the pressure washer lances is durable for a long time.
  • Skip the shaky ladder and stand safety on solid ground and it is applicable to pressure washer gun, water broom and undercarriage cleaner.
  • NOTE: this extension spray wand set needs at least 1.2 GPM & 1500 PSI to work properly and to get better performance and avoid leak, please use some Teflon tapes.