Entrige Vacuum Sealer Bags, 6 Pack Food Saver Vacuum Seal Bag Rolls 8"x20' and 11"x20' Customizable Size with BPA Free Heavy Duty Food Storage Bags for Seal

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  • 【Keep Food Freshness, Flavour And Nutrition For A Long Time】Food saver vacuum bags are a healthy and economical way to keep food fresh. LeadNear vacuum seal bag can decrease the food contacting the air, water and odor will not penetrate into the food bag, so the food after preservation will remain fresh. Vacuum sealer bags can extend the shelf life of food by 3-5 times. Even if stored for a long time, it will not affect the original freshness and flavour and nutrition of the food
  • 【Upgraded Premium Material】LeadNear vacuum sealer bag has a specially designed channel to remove oxygen, form an airtight barrier, lock the taste and decrease deterioration and freezer burning. The vacuum sealer bag for food is made of high-quality materials, has passed the FDA certification, meet the quality standards of the USA, which can store raw and cooked food. Moreover, after many improvements, the sealing performance is good, and the food is not easy to leak
  • 【Save Space-Say Goodbye To Messy】Using vacuum bags to store food can save you more space, say goodbye to messy refrigerators and freezers, transparent vacuum food sealed bags can easily identify different foods and save space by drawing out air. Food vacuum bags are also very well Easy to use, just add food to the bag, insert the open end into the heat-sealing vacuum sealing machine, the machine can complete the work of drawing out all air to form a sealed food
  • 【Custom Universal Design】Vacuum bag rolls are available in two different sizes. Unlimited custom length allows you to cut the rolls to the required length according to your personal needs, which is very suitable for storing all kinds of food. Self-cutting vacuum seal bags means no more Waste material or "not suitable" situation. The vacuum bag roll is compatible with most vacuum sealers. Such as Food Saver, Seal A Meal, Weston, Nesco, Cabelas, etc
  • 【Friendly Customer Service】We have satisfactory customer service. If there is any product problem, we provide a 90-day return and 365-day warranty service. Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time!