Endurant Home Lawn Blend Concentrated Colorant – Grass Paint Revitalizes Approximately 300-700 Sq Ft of Dormant, Drought-Stricken or Patchy Lawn (8 oz)

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  • REVITALIZE DORMANT GRASS or touch up turf damaged by pet urine and fungal attacks with our non-toxic concentrated colorant. Non-toxic to pets and kids, it safely restores vibrancy and color to your lawn.
  • DRIES QUICKLY in about 60 minutes, dependent upon weather. Treat your lawn in the morning and by the afternoon you’ll be grilling steaks and stunning guests with rich, lush country club-worthy grass.
  • LASTS UP TO 3 MONTHS depending on growth rate, mowing frequency and weather conditions. Enhance your home’s curb appeal even during fall and winter months with a lawn that looks healthy and alive.
  • APPLIES EASILY by adding 8 oz of Home Lawn Blend Colorant to 1 gallon of water. For small to average size lawns use a handheld garden sprayer. Backpack sprays may be substituted for larger lawns.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND ORGANIC Endurant Turf Colorants transform dormant, dead-looking brown grass into beautiful summertime grass year-round. A single 8-oz bottle treats 300-700 square feet of grass.