Emolli Hotel Bed Pillows for Sleeping Standard Size - 2 Pack Luxury Plush Pillows, 100% Cotton Cover and Super Soft Down Alternative Microfiber Filled Pillows, 20 x 26 inches

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About this item

  • 2 Pack Pillows Set: 2 packs plush soft bed pillows set for back and side sleepers. Supporting your neck while you are sleeping. Breathable cover is friendly to skin.
  • Breathable Material: Emolli's bed pillow for sleeping goes with a breathable cotton cover and breathable down alternative microfiber. It will absorb moisture and keep the temperature regulated when you are sleeping. There is not strange odor. Gives you a better sleep.
  • Pillow Foam: The dimension of the standard pillow is 20 x 26 inches (approx). 900g (100% down alternative microfiber) gel fiber filling with breathable cover. Soft but supportive. The pillow supports your neck and head while you are sleeping. Gives you a refreshed sleep.
  • Rest Easy - These high-quality pillows let you go to sleep in pure comfort and relaxation. The filling of the pillow is poly gel-filled fiber. It ensures the maximum comfort for all sleeping position, no matter side, stomach or back sleeper.
  • Caring - The bed pillows will come in vacuum seals. Please put them in a dryer in low heat for about 30 minutes. You can also massage the pillows by following the guides. Emolli offers one year guarantee to protect your pillows against manufacturer defects.