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Easy Kabob Wiotar Kabob Skewers 17 Inch Long Stainless Steel Flat Metal BBQ Barbecue Skewer Set, Wide Reusable Grilling Skewers Sticks (10Pcs, 1 Storage Bag,1 Silicone Brush)…

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About this item

  • Flat & Wide Blade, No Spin:Keep your food from spinning/rolling and it makes getting an even cook a lot easier, when you turn your kabobs on the grill, the meat, onions, peppers, especially softer vegetables, etc
  • Perfectly Longer Length of 17 inch:Long enough that you can leave the end outside of the grill lid and turn them without opening the grill let out heat. Apropos Length for home use, either in the kitchen or outdoors on the grill
  • Superior Finish Quality Skewers:Well made with sturdy top quality, The kabob skewers are made of premium stainless steel which is food grade, rust proof and heat resistant. no sharp edges (except at the pointed end, which is what you want)
  • Easy to Clean, Reusable:Stainless steel kebabs are reusable, unlike sticks and bamboo sticks. The surface of the kebab skewers is smooth, and the grilled food residue doesn't get stuck on the kebab skewer blade. After each use, simply put the kebabs in warm water, hand wash them with a mild detergent or throw them into the dishwasher, wipe the water after cleaning and place them in a dry place, and they will appear as good as new. Metal kebabs skewers can be used time and time again, save money
  • Quality Handy Storage Pouch and Silicone Pastry Brush:An additional bonus, included with the 10 skewers is a nice canvas fabric pouch with a Velcro catch to hold and carry/store the skewers,An additional food grade silicone pastry brush is provided