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Derby Originals Lycra Stretch Horse Shoulder Guards - Multiple Colors and Sizes

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  • COMFORTABLE FIT - these lycra shoulder guards are silky soft and have a four way stretch to them, making them a comfortable, light and form-fitting choice for your horse. The lycra construction won’t rub, pinch, or irritate the coat and skin.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES - these shoulder guards are available in two sizes: Medium (Cob/Arab, 800-1100 lbs) and Large (Full Horse, 1100-1400 lbs). These sizes correspond to the approx. blanket sizes of 70-74” for Cob/Arab and 76-80” for Full Horse.
  • MULTIPLE COLORS - these shoulder guards are now available in new colors! They now come in Black, Royal Blue, Carribean Blue, and Plum Purple!
  • PROTECTS THE COAT - these shoulder guards protect your horse’s fur from being dirtied or damaged and are great for prepping horses for shows or using as blanket underlayments to prevent rubbing on the chest and shoulders.
  • SLIP-ON DESIGN - our shoulder guards are zipperless for maximum comfort, and are designed to slip on over the horse’s head and then buckle in the girth area for a comfortable fit, and an easy to apply and remove design.