CRACCKER Log Splitter with Hammer 4LB Manual Wood Splitter Cast Steel Kindling Splitter DIY Firewood Splitter Tool for Home Campsite Outdoors

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  • 🌲 With Steel Hammer: The firewood splitter is made of high-quality quenched cast steel and cast in more than 20 processes. The durable blade has the characteristics of high hardness, good toughness, and not easy to rust and become dull. The equipped hammer is also a good helper, allowing you to reduce the hassle of purchasing separately
  • 🌲 Safe to Make Log Kindling: Without sharp edges, this kindling splitter completely safe to use by anyone. You can even use it with one hand. Just put the wood placed in the manual log splitter, after hitting the wood with a hammer you can get the cut firewood easily. No more need for axes
  • 🌲 Stable and Durable: Our manual kindling cracker adopts an integrated design structure, and the tight welding seam design ensures that it will not break at the welding seam. The structure is simple but stable, and it can be easily placed on any ground. With the boltholes on the base it can be fixed to a stump or other places. This provides extra stability and height for kindling splitting
  • 🌲 Convenient to Use: Firewood Cutter is only about 5.7 pounds overall. Perfect size for a camping bonfire party, a courtyard or a wall-hung stove. The 7.5 inch diameter is suitable for most wood. Besides, it does not require a power source, environmentally responsible
  • 🌲 LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We have full confidence in our products. We have a lifetime guarantee warranty. If you encounter any problems in the use of the product, please feel free to contact us. You are also welcome to suggest improvements to our products