CCBOAY Winston Pressure Mounted Baby Safety Gate with Stay Open Feature, 29.5-39 inches -Model CK037

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  • DOUBLE LOCKING WALK THRU GATE: Catering to parents whose hands are often full, Little Chicks Winston gate has a walk-thru door and is able to be opened with one hand. Slide the latch back to disengage the first lock, lift to disengage the second, and then swing the door open.
  • SMART STAY OPEN FEATURE: The Stay-Open feature is ideal for when you need your gate to remain completely opened; it's perfect for times when your hands are full, you're clearing the table or entertaining guests.
  • SIZING: Little Chicks Winston gate fits openings 29.5" - 39" using the included extensions and is 30" tall.
  • DURABILITY: Built to last with a metal structure and durable plastic fittings.
  • PRESSURE MOUNTED: The Winston gate has a pressure mounted installation using wall cups with adhesive tape, optional screws are included.
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