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Bundle & Bliss cat Litter Box, Multifunctional Hidden Litter Box Tray with Plant Pot Cats Pets Hooded Plastic Litter Tray for Small pet…

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  • durable pp material: this litter box is made of solid polypropylene plastic material, which guarantees durability and quality, free of harmful chemical, safe for cats’ use. it is worth the cost as you get an aesthetically appealing piece of furniture that looks like a real clay pot(plants in the picture are not included)
  • easy assembly and cleaning: this plastic pot is securely packaged in a box to avoid damage in transit. it really doesn’t take much effort or skills to clip top and bottom together. when it gets dirty you may disassemble it for cleaning, just rinse with some water then dry complete for next use
  • multi-function: our adorable plastic cave offers the pets more privacy to do their business, they can comfortably get in and get out as it has a 9.8x10.2in big cave. while the top pot can be removed and allows you place some artificial or real planter greenery for decoration. also you can hang some little toys in to add much enjoyment for cats
  • hidden litter box: our cute litter box serves as a secure private place for loving pet to play, hide and relax inside. if you put some soft mat in, your little pet sleep comfortably and won’t be disturbed during sleeping. suitable for all seasons. it has a filtered ventilation system that won’t cause suffocation hazard , keeps dust and odors at bay
  • litter box details: available in dark brown and white option. this plastic nest measures 20.1 inches in diameter by 20.5 inches tall. you can get one free washbasin for holding cat litter and five 70x80cm big garbage bags after purchase. it has very spacious interior that could fit for most cats and small puppies up to 44lbs. excellent for smaller apartments, corners or behind other furniture