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  • Parents “Favorite Baby Gift” – Sleeping baby in 30 minutes or less. Mesmerizing soft plush galaxy light projector methodically cycles through red, green and blue stars while white noise maker, gentle bird sounds or the 10 most calming lullabies soothe baby to sleep. Simply turn it on, leave the room, and hear them peacefully drift off in 30 minutes or less. (1 set batteries included)
  • “Wish I Had It Sooner” - Lifetime guarantee noise sleep machine - Your and their satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for life, or our exceptional 24-response team will exchange or refund what you invested on this magical sleep sound machine – Whatever makes you happiest!
  • Conquer Sleep Training – Sleep fighter on your hands? We understand! We’re proud to say parents and grandparents report bubzi co penguin battery powered white noise machine is the best sound machine battery powered soother for sleep training - Helping toddlers and preschoolers easily move from their crib (or your bed) into their own spellbinding theater room without a peep!
  • Washable - 30 minute auto off – 5 volume levels - Make life easy – Easily washable plush exterior looks like new – Simply remove the batteries and sound box and easily hand wash. Soothing noise sleep machine automatically shuts off after 30 minutes so you don’t have to risk waking baby while turning it back off. 5 volume levels allow you to choose the one that works best for your little one, without worrying about them not hearing it or constantly waking up
  • Keep Kiddos Mesmerized – Perfect for car rides, stroller walks & photoshoots! Fussy babies, overwhelmed toddlers, and exploring preschoolers easily calm down and relax watching this baby sleep aid. Whether you’re in for a long road trip, battling the cranky’s, or simply need a few minutes to yourself this is the music & ambient sound machine that makes mom’s and dad’s life more joyful!