Brewland Malt Crusher Adjustable Barley Grinder 2 Roller Grain Mill Stainless Steel Adjustable Barley Grinder with Cleaning Brush and Large Capacity Hopper for Beer Brewing

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About this item

  • 1.Include: 4 pcs Hoppers, 2 pcs Metal Strip, 1 Crank Handle, 2 pcs rollers, a Cleaning Brush and Assembly Parts.
  • 2.Material: Aluminium Alloy for body, hopper and crank handle. Stainless Steel for 2 rollers and other small screws.
  • 3. How To Use: The Hoppers allow you to hold up to 7 LBS of grain. You can remove the handle of this malt crusher to attach a 3/8" Electric Drill (low speed).
  • 4.Two Rollers Design: This Grain Mill is perfect for large batches and high efficiency milling. Through two rollers, all your grain will be crushed twice in one cycle.
  • 5.Guarantee: Quality Guarantee, any problem for 2 Rollers Malt Crusher, Money Back or Replacement Free.