Brewland Handmade bluestone mill / grinder (medium), handmade household old hand mill for grain, bean and barley (7.87inx11.8in), with wooden frame,Christmas/New Year gifts

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About this item

  • ★Household daily use: grinding wet soybean milk, wheat flour, corn juice, sesame seeds, almonds,peppers,spices, mung beans and other small grains;If you want to get refined powder or liquid, you can grind it several times or soak beans in advance. The stone mill is matched with a stable wooden stand, it needs a simple assembly. Stone mills of all sizes can be used to grind food.If the handle is damaged, please contact the seller and it can be reshipped.
  • ★Natural: This product is made of high quality natural bluestone. Hardness and toughness are the best choice for making grindstone. Safe and healthy, you can use it to grind all kinds of food.Manual Operation , Non-Electric, Natural original,Grinding various sizes of cereal beans into powder or liquid according to the weight of the grindstone itself. 7.8 inches upper width, 11.8 inches lower width,Weight:40LB.
  • ★Advantage:The stone grinder retain most nutrients in the food materials are retained, and the original taste. Stone grinding teeth are carefully polished, arranged densely and neatly, depth and towards are scientific, grinding is light and labor-saving, fine and even.The grinding nozzle adopts Anti-backflow design, widening outlet can fast diversion, the aisle of dozens of hand grinding processes, the surface is smooth.
  • ★Hand made:Remember to turn it counterclockwise.Handcrafted by old craftsmen from China, the pattern around the millstone is artifically engraved and it's not only a food tool but also a craft.The stone mill design is very scientific, very easy to clean and easy to use..After decades, you can give your child a durable product, a very good commemorative item.In addition, it can also be a retro unique ornament in your house.
  • ★100% Satisfaction Customer Service & Guarantee: If the handle is damaged, please contact the seller and it can be reshipped.If you have any questions about our products, please contact us by email with no hesitate.offers 24 hours friendly customer service, 100% refund if there is any problems.30 days money back guarantee.