BOTINDO 24 Inch Moss Pole Coir Totem Plant Support, 2 Coco Monstera Sticks for Climbing Indoor Potted Creepers Plants to Grow Upwards with 20pcs Labels

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  • INCLUDE: You will get 2 pcs coir totem poles with plant labels.You can choose the appropriate size(24inch,34inch)according to your requirements.
  • MATERIAL: Our Coir Moss Pole is made of natural coir moss fiber.Interior pole is made of PVC so you wouldn’t need to worry about rusting.
  • EXTWBDIBLE SIZE: Inside each totem pole is a hollow tube,if you feel that the length of one coir totem pole not long enough,you can insert the second tip into the top of the first to extend the length.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Insert the tip of this coconut palm stick into soil and your plants will climb up on their own.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE: Coir moss pole is ideal support for various climbing plants, such as Pothos, Money Plant, Monstera.